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An intuitive and useful piece of software designed to allow you to scan folders, drives, removable disks or network locations in order to get a disk-space report

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RidNacs is a small utility designed for performing quick disk space analysis, in order to identify the largest files on your drives.

Basic interface

Being a simple program with a minimal number of functions, the user interface is also uncomplicated and easy to figure out even by inexperienced users.

You can personalize the look of RidNacs by changing the percentage bar style to one of the nine lively-colored designs.

Another customization that can be made to the program is the rounding rule for file size.

Quick scan process

RidNacs allows you to select a local folder, an entire drive, a removable disk or even a network location, which you can scan in order to get a detailed list with all the files sorted by size.

You can reorder the result list by the number of files contained, their size or by the percent of disk-space they take.

This is a useful feature in case you need to identify the large files in order to clean up your hard-disk.

If you find yourself needing to scan the same folder many times, you can add it to the favorites list, so you can quickly select it the next time.

In case a scan takes too long or you just do not want it to be performed anymore, you can stop the process at any time, and also you can restart it when you want to.

Easily save the results to disk

After you finished the scan, you have the option to save the results to the local drive in various formats, such as CSV, TXT, XML or HTML.

This will allow you to print the results or compare them with future scans, in order to identify what changes occurred to the scanned drives.

Handy utility

To summarize, RidNacs is an useful and efficient piece of software tailored to help you scan folders or drives, and to identify the files or directories that occupy the most disk space, in order to clean up the obsolete files.

RidNacs was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 26th, 2014
RidNacs - RidNacs allows you to visualize your disk space usage.RidNacs - RidNacs' preferences window allows you to define the application's look and behaviour