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An application that analyzes and deframents your hard disk to optimize the file placement on your drive and boost the performance of your system

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UltimateDefrag is a disk defragmenter that sports many more features that the standard Windows utility, promising to restore hard disk performance fast and easy.

There is nothing too complicated about the application but in case you find it difficult, there's always the rich help manual that comes with detailed descriptions of every single feature bundled into UltimateDefrag.

The application boasts almost all the utilities you would normally expect from this kind of tool, including multiple defragmentation modes and a rich settings screen.

The interface also presents a detailed graph showing defragmentation level, letting you know exactly what is happening with the selected hard disk.

There are six defrag modes, as follows: fragmented files only, consolidate, folder/file name, recency, volatility and auto. Each of these options takes a while to load, so make sure you have the time before initiating a new defrag.

While performing a user-defined defragmentation, UltimateDefrag shows file count, contiguous files, fragmented files, number of fragments, degree of defragmentation and estimated time remaining. There's always the option to stop the process, but also a dedicated setting to choose the maximum resource usage.

Truth be told, UltimateDefrag takes most of your CPU and RAM, so make sure to close other apps before launching a new defrag.

In addition, the application comprises dedicated tools to schedule a defrag process, but also to perform a quick test and determine disk speed. It all takes just a few minutes, but once again you must close all the running processes to get the best possible results.

Overall, UltimateDefrag is an excellent defrag tool and may help you unclutter your registry, thus improving OS load times.

UltimateDefrag was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 30th, 2013
UltimateDefrag - The main window displays a graph of your disk's fragmentation status, along with information about the file count and size.UltimateDefrag - You can defragment your hard drive in a number of ways, including by recency and by file name.UltimateDefrag - The Tools menu enables you to test your HDD speed and purge the file usage database.UltimateDefrag - screenshot #4UltimateDefrag - screenshot #5UltimateDefrag - screenshot #6UltimateDefrag - screenshot #7UltimateDefrag - screenshot #8UltimateDefrag - screenshot #9

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