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A powerful and simple defragmentation tool

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UltraDefrag is an advanced defragmentation tool that comes as a replacement for the standard defrag feature bundled into Microsoft's operating system.

Although it doesn't provide so many interface customization tools beside font and colors, UltraDefrag featuresa very intuitive look, so you shouldn't spend more than a minute to figure out which feature is which.

The “Action” menu is a very important section because it allows you to analyze, defragment, run a quick or full optimization, optimize MFT, stop a running action and rescan drives.

Besides the fact that it offers a powerful boot time defragmentation tool, UltraDefrag can even work with a single file or folder, while also boasting dedicated utilities to schedule a new defrag.

Disk optimization runs very smooth, but the computer may be stressed up a little bit. Of course, it's no surprise if that happens; what’s more, users are strongly advised to avoid using the system during this time in order to get the best results.

Although it provides detailed reports on every single action, UltraDefrag performs an average job when it comes to defragmentation; in other words, it appears that fragmented files remain on large discs even after the application gets the job done. There's no way to fix that and running a new defrag process has no positive effect.

That being said, UltraDefrag is just a decent tool able that carries out an average job and nothing more. It's worth a try because it's simple and user-friendly, but you may have to look elsewhere in the long run.

UltraDefrag was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 19th, 2015
UltraDefrag - The main window of UltraDefrag enables users to start analyzing the fragmentation status of their drivesUltraDefrag - You can access the Action menu of UltraDefrag when you want to choose if the PC should hibernate once the defragmentation is completeUltraDefrag - The Settings menu is the place where you can modify the font used within the main windowUltraDefrag - UltraDefrag enables users to change the sorting order, depending on their preferencesUltraDefrag - UltraDefrag Beta will provide a next-gen powerful yet simple defragmentation tool with various tools at handUltraDefrag - The Action menu will help you quickly and easily analyze, defragment or perform quick / full optimizationUltraDefrag - Users will be able to access options such as Graphical interface, Boot time scan, Sorting or Reports within the Settings menu