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A handy and easy to use utility that will make it possible for anyone to create a list of programs that can be deployed from a single place

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Starting commonly used applications as quickly as possible is easily achievable through the use of a dedicated launcher. Most of these programs have the advantage of being customizable, so each user can personalize it to their liking.

Among the utilities created especially for this purpose you may come across one called DOSShell, a lightweight tool that can serve as a container for all the shortcuts you want to create. It is in fact a graphical interface for the DOS emulator known by the name of DOSBox and you will actually need to set the path for the folder in which it resides.

The GUI of DOSShell is very simple and contains only a basic set of commands which you can access from the main toolbar or via the corresponding menus. Adding and editing the entries is a very simple task that can be carried out with only a couple of clicks.

Inside each window you open for adding a fresh shortcut you will have the possibility to individualize that item. Besides adding a name that will make that entry recognizable easier, you can assign them to various groups and attach the desired icon.

In the path to the executable field you can input the location of EXE, COM or BAT files that will be started when double-clicking that shortcut. A neat function you can find inside DOSShell is the ability to add a user manual for each item, in any format you see fit.

Thanks to its easily customizable features, this software solution can prove a good helper for those who are on the lookout for a DOSBox GUI, through which to perform with, minimal efforts, the operations which are supported by that piece of kit.

DOSShell was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 7th, 2014
DOSShell - DOSShell comes with a simple interface that helps you access all the features of the application.DOSShell - Adding and editing the properties of each entry is easily done in DOSShell, from the dedicated window.DOSShell - To customize the running options of DOSShell you can use the 'Settings' area of the program.

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