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Transform your Java application into a ready-to-deploy executable file, turn it into a a screensaver or run it as a Windows service or a Control Panel screen

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JavaExe can launch your Java application just as if it were a Windows executable program, a Control Panel screen, a system service or a screensaver.

Creates an EXE file for your Java project

Delivered inside a lightweight package, it can help you create an EXE file for your Java application in order to avoid running it using the main JAR file. Doing so requires you to simply copy the provided EXE, SCR or CPL file inside the JavaExe installation directory to the same location as your Java application and give it the same name as the main JAR or class.

JavaExe can generate an executable file for your application, but not that it still requires Java in order to run it. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, providing EXE, SCR and CPL files for each of the two system architectures.

Change execution parameters

You can customize the launching parameters by creating a properties file and associating it with your new executable with the help of the 'Files Integration' tool. This file can include data related to the required Java version, the path of the main class or manifest, additional dependencies, as well as further arguments that configure the execution mode. Furthermore, you can set up the new installer to prompt the final user to install Java, in case it is not detected on the system.

The 'JavaExe: Files Integration' tool displays a simplistic interface that you can use to change the default icon of the EXE, SCR or CPL file (in ICO format) or create a splash screen for your Java application (common graphic formats are supported: BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG). Also, it can be used for integrating the properties file into the output and assign it administrator privileges.

Transforms a Java program into a Windows application

JavaExe is easy to work with, enabling you to trick the system into thinking that it is a Windows application, a service, a Control Panel screen or a screensaver. The new executable still depends on the presence of Java on your computer, but it gives you the possibility to customize the execution parameters as you consider fit.

JavaExe was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 11th, 2014
JavaExe - This is how you can use the main window of JavaExe to select the target files.

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