Power Button for Windows 81.1

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Quickly access the power options to shutdown, reboot or hibernate your system right from the taskbar of your Windows 8 installation

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Power Button for Windows 8 is nothing but a straight-forward application software especially designed to serve a sole purpose. Since the launch of Windows 8, the community has openly criticized Microsoft for having their way with the whole Windows ideology.

While this may be seen as an act of artistic proportions, Microsoft has decided that the Start button alongside the classic Start Menu should be dropped in favor of a more (no, not more but less) helpful screen. This is ok for tablets and other touch screen enabled devices; however, we just cannot say the same about regular desktop computers and monitors.

Thus, you can also say goodbye to the shutdown button as well as its menu and go for a slightly (harshly, actually) change of tactics when it comes to the moment you want to turn your PC off, restart it, putting it to sleep or into hibernation. Windows 8 does not openly offer the possibility of performing any of these tasks rapidly with your mouse, as you could have done before.

Instead, you must whether go to the right side of your primary monitor (this can also prove to be a bit tricky if you are working with multiple monitors), wait for the transparent overlay to appear and select ‘Settings’ and then go to the ‘Power’ button or you can (more conveniently) use your keyboard and your Windows shortcut keys knowledge to bring up the ‘Shut Down Windows’ panel.

Power Button for Windows 8 deploys a shortcut on your desktop and every time you run it, a fixed little balloon popup-like window appears in the bottom-left side of your screen. While this may seem strange at first, as soon as you realize the fact that you can quickly pin the application’s shortcut to the taskbar as the first button, the awkwardness drifts away.

The bottom line is that Power Button for Windows 8 is not a necessary program. Windows 8 can still be shut down through various methods, but the one most similar to the old way can be re-initiated in this iteration of Microsoft’s operating system through Power Button for Windows 8.

Power Button for Windows 8 was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 11th, 2013
Power Button for Windows 8 - Power Button for Windows 8 can be pinned to the taskbar for a faster access to its functions.

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