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Make your desktop an icon-free environment while still keeping frequently accessed applications and webpage shortcuts at your fingertips in a compact menu

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A good time management does not only require you to organize tasks or plan ahead. Each activity takes time, even when handling work on your computer. Luckily, specialized applications such as Quick Cliq give you the possibility to keep your desktop clean on the one hand, while creating quick access points for files and links of need.

Create shortcuts for any file

The application's core function is to allow you to stay more focused on your work, while keeping your desktop only a place to display a pretty picture. Other than the command editor there is really no main window.

Several hotkeys need to be used in order to gain access to created shortcuts. Once you press the correct combination of keys, a context menu is brought up to display available features and quickly launch items of need.

You are able to create a shortcut for any file type, as long as it can run. An editor lets you fully customize arrangement in the context menu, as well as commands to execute.

Paste paragraphs in your documents and take notes

Amongst created shortcuts, the main menu is populated with several default features, such as clips, wins and memos. In case you quickly need to write something down, an integrated function lets you make use of a small text editor and save entries as memos.

However, it can take a little time to add a new memo, with no available hotkey to have a new item pop-up on your desktop so you write down ideas.

As far as text is concerned, the application lets you store a limited number of entries in a clipboard and have them quickly pasted when needed. This comes in handy when having to work with repetitive tasks that imply writing down signatures or common text formulas.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Quick Cliq is a small but handy application that delivers what it promised. It's not the best of its kind, requiring a little getting used to, but can prove to be a powerful ally if properly managed. You can make the desktop a clean place while still having frequently used applications at your fingertips.

Quick Cliq was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
Quick Cliq - From the system tray you can open the Clips, Wins and Memos menus or access the Open Editor windowQuick Cliq - You can set gestures or hotkeys for accessing the Main, Clip, Memos and Wins menusQuick Cliq - You can save texts in up to 9 clips in order to paste them later and you can also change letter case or clear the textQuick Cliq - You can add shortcuts, menus or separators and edit them by selecting icons, changing the text or background colorsQuick Cliq - From the General tab you can modify the delay between commands and set portability optionsQuick Cliq - screenshot #6Quick Cliq - screenshot #7Quick Cliq - screenshot #8Quick Cliq - screenshot #9Quick Cliq - screenshot #10Quick Cliq - screenshot #11Quick Cliq - screenshot #12Quick Cliq - screenshot #13Quick Cliq - screenshot #14

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