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Bring the Mac OS X launcher style to your desktop for an enhanced experience with the help of this lightweight software application

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RK Launcher is the kind of tool that can help Windows users get a flavor of the popular Mac OS X, as the application is able to create a dock-style program launcher, just like the one used by Apple in its operating system.

An alternative to common Windows launchers

This type of software solutions has always been attractive to Windows users, not only because it's pretty eye-candy, but it also boosts productivity by providing the possibility to start programs with a single click.

Various possibilities to customize it

RK Launcher looks and feels great, but also comes with many features that allow you to customize both the interface and the way it works. Thus, You can tinker the dock and icon sizes and set the transparency level for the background.

Multiple preset positions and effects

The position on screen can be adjusted and you are presented with 12 settings you can choose from. You can also configure the behavior of RK Launcher and opt for animations, minimize and maximize effects.

Quickly add preferred items to the list

You can easily add items to the dock by simply dragging and dropping them onto the launcher. In the 'Performance' section of the 'Settings' menu you can customize the magnification transition type and overall quality, all of these impacting on the system stress.

To sum it up

All in all, having seen RK Launcher at work, it's safe to say that it is a viable alternative to other similar software solutions thanks to the ease of use and small amount of resources it needs to function and look impeccably. The feature pack is not the best out there but is more than sufficient for a decent performance.

RK Launcher was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
RK Launcher - The application can be used just like Windows taskbar, as all desktop windows can be minimized there. The visual effect is amazing, though.RK Launcher - Appearance settings involve adjusting the dock size and item magnification as well as transparency settings and theme selection.RK Launcher - The position of the docklet is adjustable just about to any part of the screen as there are plenty of options in this sense.RK Launcher - Users can configure the behavior of the docklet via Dock Control settings. Additionally, tou can customize dock effects.

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