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Shut Down Expert is a Windows tool designed to help schedule certain computer actions, including shutdowns and restarts.

But what’s more important is that Shut Down Expert is more than a shutdown or launcher tool, as it actually lets its users perform many more actions at a preconfigured time.

The interface isn’t quite the best we’ve seen, which isn’t exactly the best news for those who don’t want to spend too much time figuring out which feature is which, but it still helps the app serve its purpose.

You can obviously select the time and date straight from the main window, with a list of tasks that can be performed at the configured time, including turn off, turn on, restart, lock computer, turn off monitor, close an application, wake on LAN, eject CD-ROM, send a message, download a file or set custom keyboard events.

The same main window can be used to manage the existing scheduled tasks, with a less intuitive toolbar that allows you to delete or edit each entry.

Additionally, the program shows the current CPU usage, which is more like a bonus for users who installed the application, as it doesn’t really contribute to the overall efficiency of this kind of program.

Shut Down Expert runs flawlessly and doesn’t affect system performance in any way, working okay on all Windows versions.

As a conclusion, this is one effective task scheduler, but it’s pretty clear that further improvements are needed. A revised interface would definitely help a lot, regardless if we’re talking about beginners or more advanced users.
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Last updated on March 9th, 2014
Shut Down Expert - The application helps you schedule when your computer shuts down, launches a program or captures your screen.Shut Down Expert - The Wake-up Manager window allows you to delay some of your startup applications.Shut Down Expert - By accessing the Idle Time Manager window, you can disable settings for certain applications.Shut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down ExpertShut Down Expert

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