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SliderDock is a freeware Windows application launcher that creates fully configurable rings on your desktop to easily launch a program.

Although it may take a while to set up the tool and the apps included in the so-called rings, SliderDock can significantly improve your workflow, letting you choose an executable file on the go.

In order to make the configuration process a breeze, drag and drop support is also available, so it’s enough to drag and drop an icon to add it to a ring.

What’s more, the desktop rings can be controlled with the mouse wheel and thus select an app to launch, while also providing multiple effects to enhance the whole process.

You can create multiple rings and choose the one you wish to access either with a keyboard shortcut or by right-clicking the Tray icon, but more settings are available in the options screen.

Besides the fact that you can customize the appearance of the app, SliderDock also lets you tweak the ring and icon size, with more advanced controls, such as rotation speed and animation quality, also available.

There are several hotkeys are your disposal, including those to rotate the rings or simply jump from one ring to another. Plus, several effects can be selected through a dedicated menu, so make sure you have a look in there too.

SliderDock works fine on all Windows versions, but it could slow down the computer a little bit in case some effects are being used. In fact, the app even warns the user that CPU performance may be affected in sometimes, so in case you notice major slowdowns, check the settings screen for a fix.

All in all, SliderDock is an interesting app launcher that deserves a chance, not only because it’s free, but also thanks to the fact that it provides so many customization options. More interface tweaking settings would come in handy though.

SliderDock was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 2nd, 2012
SliderDock - SliderDock will help you quickly and easily automate the launching of yout most used softwareSliderDock - The IconProperty window will provide users with Name, Target or Arguments optionsSliderDock - Users will be able to access options such as Appearance, Controls, ShortcutKeys or ShaderEffects from the settings windowSliderDock - screenshot #4SliderDock - screenshot #5SliderDock - screenshot #6SliderDock - screenshot #7

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