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A simple and easy to understand program whose main function is to offer you the ability to access your favorite software with a single click

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Stealth Launcher is an intuitive and simple to handle piece of software that was developed to help you place all your application shortcuts in a single location, clearing up your desktop while still being able to access them whenever you want to work with them.

Portable utility benefits

The tool does not require an installation process, allowing you to launch it immediately after unzipping the archive. This means that you can store it any any portable memory device and run it on all compatible computers, at home or at the office.

Additionally, it leaves no trace in your system registry, meaning you can remove it just by deleting the containing directory.

Add and manage shortcuts

When you double-click the EXE in the archive, it will automatically run minimized to the system tray, allowing you to access it by hovering with your mouse cursor over it to reveal the window which comprises all the shortcuts you have set.

At the same time, you can right-click its icon and choose the option you want from the displayed menu. The 'Setting' feature will call out the corresponding window, that enables you to add the software you commonly work with, by inputting their name and file path.

Stealth Launcher lets you add multiple entries, after which you can save them all under a preferred name, thus being able to create several profiles, that you can switch between, in accordance with the type of work you need to perform: games, web browsing, data entry, etc.

Right-clicking the window will reveal a context menu from which you can decide the position and alignment of the application icons, the button size, the response time or other options pertaining to the appearance, colors and sounds of Stealth Launcher.

Handy shortcut collector

All in all, Stealth Launcher can prove quite handy, as it enables you to clear up your desktop from excessive numbers of program shortcuts, but still keep them within reach, so you can swiftly access them when you need them.

Stealth Launcher was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
Stealth Launcher - Stealth Launcher is a simple tool that provides you with quick access to your favorite applicationsStealth Launcher - The utility runs minimized to the notification area, allowing you to just hover over it to display the app iconsStealth Launcher - From the context menu, you can select the preferred button size or the response timeStealth Launcher

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