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Shut down unresponsive or any other application with just a click of the button with this lightweight and simple-to-handle program

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Windows xKill is a software tool that was developed in order to aid individuals in closing frozen apps without needing to open the Windows Task Manager.

The upper hand of a portable app

This utility is portable, which means that you can easily skip the installation process. Consequently, unlike installers, it is not going to add new items to the Windows registry or hard disk without your approval and it is not going to leave any kind of traces behind after its removal from the drive.

Another noteworthy aspect is that if you copy the program files to a removable storage unit you can easily take it anywhere with you and run it on any PC you come in contact with.

Minimal interface and simple method of killing frozen apps

The interface is intuitive and non-obtrusive, as it sits in the system tray from the first launch. It is accessible to all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with the IT world.

It is possible to bring up a context menu which in turn enables you to enter the “Kill Mode,” exit the utility, view a few details about it and disable the systray icon.

The aforementioned mode enables you to shut down any frozen or unresponsive program by simply clicking on it, and you should know that you can easily activate or deactivate it with the built-in keyboard shortcuts.

Conclusion and performance

The amount of resources required is insignificant, which means that it is not going to put a strain on the system’s performance and you can run it alongside other tools without encountering issues. All tasks are performed in a timely manner, the interface is user-friendly and our tests did not reveal any errors or bugs.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Windows xKill is a useful and reliable piece of software, dedicated to people that deal with unresponsive apps on a daily basis.

Windows xKill was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on May 24th, 2014
Windows xKill - Windows xKill resides in your system tray and right-clicking it icon will reveal the main menu of the application.Windows xKill - As soon as you press Ctr+Alt+Backpace, a skull will appear. Simply move it over the frozen application window and click it to have it instantly shut down.

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