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xRC - Map gamepad or joystick input to keyboard and special functions




I have a TV card in my computer, and I use it to watch TV, unfortunately, the card is a little old and does not have a remote control like the newer models, so it was a little inconvinient to change the channels.

Then I remembered that I had a wireless gamepad, so I figured all I really needed to do was a little program that would allow me to map gamepad buttons to simulate key presses and I would have a remote control for the TV.

xRC is the result of this, I wrote xRC with this in mind, but I took it one step further, by allowing buttons to be mapped to certain functions, such as shutting down the system, or making it go to sleep, xRC can simulate alt tab to allow you to switch programs and even change mapping profiles from the remote, allowing you to control other applications without requiring you to walk up to the computer.


■ .NET Framework 2.0
Last updated on June 26th, 2006

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