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The current version detects a MacBook Pro keyboard under Windows XP and lets the user configure some options.

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Anyone who’s ever run Windows OS on a Mac computer has encountered at least some problems due to the differences between the keyboard commands for the two operating systems. Input Remapper is a program created particularly to help you remedy this issue.

The software can detect a MacBook Pro keyboard under Windows XP or Vista and lets you configure some options, while others are already taken care of.

Thus, some Windows commands have been bound to various keyboard shortcuts. One of the most valuable additions is the possibility to right-click with the help of the Mac keyboard. However, due to compatibility issues, this command was bound to fn+left click rather than a combination that included the Ctrl key.

Default keyboard shortcuts include numerous functions, such as Delete (fn+Backspace), PrintScren (fn+Eject), Brightness decrease and increase (fn+F1/F2), volume control and media buttons, as well as a replacement for the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Windows combination (fn+Ctrl+Alt+Backspace).

Also, the software enables you to control the keyboard backlit brightness. However, in order to also control the screen backlit, you need BootCamp drivers. This is a tool included with OS X Lion and Mountain Lion that allows you to run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac.

Input Remapper comes with an overly-simplified interface with only a window and two options: “Presets” and “Remappings”.

You can create new entries for either of the two. New presets include the keyboard repeat delay and rate, as well as mouse sensitivity and acceleration settings. Remapping allows you to assign or reassign new keyboard shortcuts. While the app already comes with an extensive list, you can still make new entries to suit your needs.

All in all, Input Remapper is a program that can be of great help if you run Windows OS on Mac computers, especially because of the differences between the commands each key combination performs on the two systems.

Input Remapper was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on November 30th, 2012
Input Remapper - From the System tray menu window of Input Remapper you will be able to open the configuration window or enable / disable remapping.Input Remapper - From the configuration window of Input Remapper you will be able to create new layout tables.

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