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A nice visual enhancement package that is designed in order to help users give a completely new look to their Windows XP installation

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Customizing the looks of the operating system can be an actually fun job, especially if the right tools are at hand. In this respect, several transformation packs are available, most of them being released to help users beautify Windows XP and bring a bit of Aero freshness inside.

One of these programs is Isso Pack and it will make it really easy to make the whole OS look like one of its later iterations, namely Windows Vista or Windows 7. It has a special mode that will surely turn everything into a completely new environment for Windows users: 'Transform XP to Mac OSX Leopard'.

Isso Pack is all about the installation procedure because after the setup is complete and the system restarts, you cannot add more components. For this reason, it is very important to choose carefully what you want to install, system files, skins, extras or all of them.

The whole procedure is automated, so there are no complex configurations to be made, Isso Pack applies the appropriate patches to the registry, copies the required files and creates backups in order to be able to safely restore data.

A nice feature of this software solution is that it can be uninstalled without affecting the system like it happens with similar transformation packs. Another particularity of Isso Pack resides in the installation method that can be either 'Normal Installation' or 'Create a Windows CD'.

If the first mode is pretty much self-explanatory, the second method will take it one step further and allow the integration of its components into Windows setup files. This way, after you create a bootable image and use it to re-install the operating system, you will already have the new looks embedded from the get-go.

All things considered, Isso Pack is definitely among the best choices one can make when it comes to transforming the appearance of the old Windows XP and making it more attractive and functional.

Isso Pack was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 4th, 2013
Isso Pack - Once installed, Isso Pack changes the theme of your XP to that of Windows 7 or Vista.Isso Pack - The application enables you to choose whether you want to run a normal installation or create a Widows CD.Isso Pack - From the Choose components to install step, you can select to add System files, Extras and Skins.Isso PackIsso PackIsso PackIsso PackIsso PackIsso PackIsso PackIsso Pack

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