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Windows operating system was created to provide users with all the basic tools for their necessities: there is a multimedia player, a graphic viewer, a web browser and a drawing application. It also includes a calculator, meant to assist in solving simple math operations. More complex functions require third-party software, such as Microsoft Calculator Plus.

The simplest mode provided by this app is the Standard one, which displays all the numbers and the corresponding figures for the basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. One will also be able to extract the square root of a number.

The Scientific mode is the one chosen by those interested in trigonometry operations, logarithms or exponential operations. Moreover, Microsoft Calculator Plus can process hexadecimal, hex, octal and binary values, as well as degrees, radians and grads.

The third mode provided by the software is the Conversion one, which offers users the possibility to convert a wide range of units (length, area, energy, temperature, pressure, volume, weight or velocity) to other ones.

A special type of conversion is the currency one, where users can enter the exchange rate for each currency they want to process. Also, they can download the latest currency types from the Internet, so that they can be sure they did not forget any one of them.

Unlike other similar apps, Microsoft Calculator Plus comes with hotkey support, meaning a simple keyboard shortcut can change the number system without any additional effort.

Another advantage of using Microsoft Calculator Plus is that its view mode can be changed to the Classic one, thus providing novice PC users with a familiar environment for their math operations.

Mathematics is a complex domain, with numerous subcategories and fields, but having a comprehensive calculator can reduce the hassle when it comes with dealing with trigonometry, decimals, large numbers or the value of Pi.

Microsoft Calculator Plus was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on December 7th, 2011
Microsoft Calculator Plus - Using this software you can perform multiple calculations and conversions.Microsoft Calculator Plus - The application offers numerous conversion categories: Area, Power, Pressure, Volume and more.Microsoft Calculator Plus - Microsoft Calculator Plus can be viewed in Standard, Scientific and Conversion modes.Microsoft Calculator Plus - Microsoft Calculator Plus can be viewed in Standard, Scientific and Conversion.Microsoft Calculator PlusMicrosoft Calculator PlusMicrosoft Calculator PlusMicrosoft Calculator PlusMicrosoft Calculator Plus

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