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Vista Flip 3D Activator is a very simple application designed to add a new feature to the famous Flip 3D feature, letting you enable  it by moving the mouse cursor in a corner of the screen.

Similar to the feature we've seen on Mac OS X, Vista Flip 3D Activator gives you the power to set up any corner of the screen to work with Flip 3D, while the application quietly sits in the System Tray.

The interface is pretty simple and you should have no problem trying to figure out how to use it. You thus can choose either a single corner or multiple ones to use with Flip 3D and, additionally, you can also set up a mouse button to activate Flip 3D.

Although it's supposed to run all the time and keep an icon in System Tray, Vista Flip 3D Activator is far from being a resource hog, running on very low resources.

While it works quite okay on Windows Vista, there seem to be some compatibility issues with Windows 7 and users are highly recommended to use the program with administrator privileges to make it work flawlessly.

Another issue we've discovered during our test concerns the mouse buttons you can configure to enable Flip 3D. While the middle mouse doesn't seem to be supported, Vista Flip 3D Activator lets you even set up the standard left or right mouse click to be used with the app, but none of them actually launch Flip 3D.

Overall however, Vista Flip 3D Activator is quite a handy tool that helps you turn on Flip 3D whenever you want, just by moving the mouse cursor in a corner of the screen. It works quick and easy and has no negative impact on your system resources.

Vista Flip 3D Activator was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 7th, 2012
Vista Flip 3D Activator - From the Settings window of the software you will be able to select a certain corner of your screen for activating the program.

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