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User-friendly application that helps you apply modifications to the Windows Vista Boot Configuration Data registry, while offering support for backups

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Regardless of the operating system they run, most users like to customize their computers and tweak the settings as much as they can. Those running Windows Vista also have the possibility to modify the appearance of their Boot Menu using VistaBootPRO.

Clean feature lineup

This application comes with an intuitive user interface that allows them to easily create backups of the current registry state so as to be able to restore it in case anything goes wrong.

Typically, one could modify the Windows Vista Boot Configuration Data registry using the command-prompt app called bcdedit.exe, located in the system32 folder of Vista. However, using VistaBootPRO even novices can perform modifications as no expert skills are required thanks to the well-organized interface.

Tweaks made to the system

VistaBootPRO can be used to modify the names of the operating systems displayed in the boot menu, but also to apply functional changes such as adding a new OS to the boot menu or fixing the Windows Vista boot configuration data.

In addition, VistaBootPRO allows users to back up and export their boot loader configuration or to edit multiple details for each entry. Those who have advanced PC skills can also choose to activate debugging the boot process or running the OS in Kernel-Debug Mode, or they can disable Vista driver signing, provided they use a x64 edition.

Bottom line

Overall, this application aims to provide a handy tool that would enable both beginners and experts to tweak the boot configuration data without affecting the functionality of their PC – a restore can be easily performed in case one of the applied changes does not work as expected. Nonetheless, as suggested by its name, VistaBootPRO can only be used on Vista editions, so those who using a newer operating system need to find another application for changing their boot configuration.

VistaBootPRO was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
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