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An easy to use piece of software created to customize the background and skin for Windows Media Player in a simple and straightforward manner

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Windows Media Player 12 Customizer, as its name suggests is a tool developed in order to help you customize the built-in media player that Windows offers.

Customize the player’s background

The first thing that pops-up when you run Windows Media Player 12 Customizer is the presence of buttons which once you click, change the background of the player.  You have up to six versions to choose from but you can very well use a custom image from your your computer.

It’s a nice feature to have but somehow it would of made more sense to have the possibility to choose more than one image from your computer and this because some of the supplied images are rather similar or poor in design quality.

Remove the ‘Basket’ section

Windows Media Player 12 Customizer is also capable of removing the ‘Basket’ section of the player which comes in handy if you don’t really see its purpose or haven’t found a practical use for it.

With it out of the picture, you can benefit from a larger space in which you can view track information. Along with this, the application also allows you to enable or disable the presence of captions.

Switch to the old Windows Media Player skin

If you’re part of an earlier generation that had the chance to use the classic skin for the player and find yourself reminiscing it, then you can use this application to bring it back in all its glory.

To apply this change, as well as the previously mentioned ones, you need to run Windows Media Player 12 Customizer, activate the modification you want and then restart the media player. There is no ‘Apply’ button to press for the changes to take effect so don’t go looking for it.

Customize Windows Media Player

In closing, Windows Media Player 12 Customizer seems to be a nice little app to have on your computer for those moments when you want change the media player up a bit.

Windows Media Player 12 Customizer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
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