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4.2/5 33 includes 270 hotfixes to ensure more stability, boost performance and improve the security of the Windows XP operating system

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Windows XP Unofficial Pack is a Pre-SP3 hotfix collection provided by Microsoft yet not released to the general public until the launch of the 3rd Service Pack for Windows XP. As its creators clearly specify in its description, this particular pack is to be used at your own risk. While this may change some minds in the process, the enthusiasts are sure to give it a go anyway.

Plenty of advantages

Windows XP Unofficial Pack provides 270 hotfixes to ensure more stability, boost performance and improve the security of the Windows XP operating system. These impressive number is collected straight from Microsoft and they all are, as mentioned, the ones that you have to call the Redmond-based software company and get through their Support Center.

As the Latin proverb says, “Don't look a gift horse in the mouth,” so this collection can easily be regarded as a present. It's really up to anyone interested to spend time with it, installing and testing its hotfixes. The guys at recommend you not to use a bulk installer though, but installing them one-by-one with the necessary, not occasional restart.


The process may seem to last forever, but once you've done it and checked your system for stability, discussed it on the forum and created a list of the ones that you really need, your new-and-improved Windows XP will perform faster while being more secure. In the end, this is what any PC user demands of the operating system – to optimally make use of the provided hardware and to guarantee stability for as long as possible.

Bottom line

Finally, Windows XP Unofficial Pack is one comprehensive set of tools to work with. All you need is time, patience and the know-how. Time to try them out, patience when needed the most and the know-how to immediately fix any problem that might occur – even if this means a complete re-installation of the operating system. This collection can easily pass as a full “lunchbox” for the “hungry” users that are in need for the stability-performance-security trifecta.

Windows XP Unofficial Pack was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 7th, 2014

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