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A professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program running on Win32 platforms, featuring support for generating reports

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AIDA32 used to be a free and complete system information utility that offered in-depth details on the computer's abilities regarding hardware and software. Although the project was discontinued many years ago, it still works on later Windows editions. Those looking for up-to-date software may look into AIDA64, its official replacement.

Portability benefits

Installation is not required, which makes AIDA32 portable. It means that you can extract the program files anywhere on the disk and launch the executable file directly, as well as save the app to a pen drive or other mass storage device to be able to run it on any PC quickly. What's more, the program does not modify Windows registry settings or create extra files on the HDD without permission.

Clear-cut interface and thorough PC information

The GUI is clean and intuitive, thanks to a well-organized window that keeps details for each PC component separate. They range from general computer properties, motherboard, OS, server and display data to software, configuration, DirecX and devices. Moreover, AIDA32 gives users the possibility to save any of these areas to file and study them closer by generating reports, as well as to compare then with other systems.

Run RAM benchmarks seamlessly and configure app settings

AIDA32 integrates two types of tests for evaluating the memory's abilities: reading and writing. It checks the CPU, motherboard, chipset and memory and classifies the computer in a list with other systems for hardware comparison purposes. Any of these details can be copied to the Clipboard.

It is possible to pick another language the interface, select the exact components to display and add custom ones, schedule reports to generate on a regular basis, choose the report file type, filter audit component, and more.

Evaluation and conclusion

The app runs on low CPU and RAM, so it does not affect the PC's overall performance. It is very responsive to commands. No error dialogs popped up in our testing, and the utility did not hang or crash. Since it has not been updated for a long time, it still supports older operating systems, However, it runs smoothly on later Windows editions too. Users may find AIDA32 to their liking.

AIDA32 was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
AIDA32 - The main window of AIDA32 allows users to easily view a list of the components from their computer that they can interogate.AIDA32 - In this window of AIDA32 users have the ability to view detailed information about thier computer.AIDA32 - The Report menu of AIDA32 allows users to choose the type of report file they want the application to render.AIDA32 - The Information menu of AIDA32 allows users to choose the component that they want the application to debug.AIDA32 - The Plugin menu of AIDA32 allows users to view all the available plugins of the applciation and choose the one that they need.

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