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Monitors critical information on Asus motherboards, featuring support for audio and video notifications, reports and multiple customization options

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Monitoring your computer's state does not require that much hardware knowledge and it can really be done by anyone who actually cares for the safety and well-being of his or her PC. It may seem that you have to be on the lookout for a dozen of values regarding voltage, temperature or fan speed when, in fact, there are certain features in specialized software that do it for you.

Grabs your attention with an interface resembling widgets

ASUS PC ProbeII targets the ASUS mainboard user and ensures that any voltage malfunction is not overlooked as well as high temperatures in the computer case or faulty fan operation. It does that by informing you of the current status of hardware statistics in a widget-like manner. You choose which values you want to be displayed and the software tool provides you with cool yet professionally looking statistical items on your desktop.

Visual and sound alerts on critical events

If any issue is being detected, the application will inform you through both audio and video warnings which can be enabled or disabled within the `Preference` tab section of the `Config` window. And that's exactly where you have to go the first time you run ASUS PC ProbeII. The `Sensor / Threshold` area hosts the `Temperature`, `Voltage` and `Fan Speed` sections. You can pick from CPU and MB within the first of them as well as set the Threshold value for each one of them.

Customize options easily and view system info

The Voltage zone provides access to sensors for individual power lines (Vcore, +3.3, +5 and +12) alongside their nominal and current values as well as percentage threshold. Three options are made available for the Fan Speed section – CPU, Chassis and Power. Statistics about hard drive space, memory usage and CPU are also provided by clicking on the `Usage` button of the main window interface.

ASUS PC ProbeII also offers information on Windows Management Instrumentation, Desktop Management Interface and Peripheral Component Interconnect. You can easily choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit as the Temperature Scale, opt for QFan and set the target temperature and enter the `Polling Interval` in seconds (1-120).

Reports regarding alerts and system information can also be viewed by accessing the Report icon next to the `Config` button. The last tweaks can be made within the main window interface by placing the application always on top, enable, place and select the appearance of the monitoring panel, enable sounds or run in boot-up session.


You don't have to be unsure of your computer's stability in order to install ASUS PC ProbeII. Instead, you can choose to easily monitor the voltage, temperature and fan speed and get notified upon errors. This application can provide answers for dilemmas concerning the safety of your PC. If you're a passionate overclocker or not, this handy piece of software will be a great addition to your desktop. It's better to be safe than sorry.

ASUS PC ProbeII was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
ASUS PC ProbeII - This is the main user interface of the ASUS PC Probe II application where the users will see the main components of the applicationASUS PC ProbeII - This is the compact mode of Asus PC Probe II in two color optionsASUS PC ProbeII - The CPU fan monitor displays the number of rotations per minute in both full and compact modeASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #4ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #5ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #6ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #7ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #8ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #9ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #10ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #11ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #12ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #13ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #14ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #15ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #16ASUS PC ProbeII - screenshot #17

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