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A system tweak that enables you to view the processes that are being carried out during restart, shutdown or booting instead of the default cursor

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Technology aficionados might wonder what exactly their computer does during booting or the shutting down procedure. While the Internet abounds in information related to this topic, some might want to view the event log for themselves and that is where Advanced BootInforma comes in to give them a helping hand.

This application modifies the registry and makes the necessary system modifications in order to instruct your computer to show each process that is currently being executed after you shutdown or restart it.

Advanced BootInforma replaces the default timer cursor displayed by Windows during waiting times on booting, logging in or shutting down with information concerning all the actions that the PC performs in order to carry out the task you gave it.

As such, you can view the sequence of operations as they are being done. For instance, while Windows is shutting down the services are notified about the matter and then the Windows Update Service is closed. Then, all the other services are terminated one by one, starting with the Group Policy Client and the User Profile service.

A tool such as Advanced BootInforma can help you understand how your computer actually works and what happens when you turn it on / off or reboot it for some reason. Practically, it reveals each step of the system boot / shut down process, allowing you to understand the way a Windows system successfully starts.

Advanced BootInforma can prove useful for those who want to learn about what goes on behind the curtain of a Windows operating system. What's more, it takes the boredom out of the waiting process, allowing you to read information that can help you comprehend the functioning principles of a computer.

Advanced BootInforma was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
Advanced BootInforma - Advanced BootInforma shows you what the operating system is actually doing while you wait for the system to restart.Advanced BootInforma - Instead of the Windows loading timer cursor, Advanced BootInforma displays information on the processes that are carried out.Advanced BootInforma - During shutdown or booting, Advanced BootInforma displays the on-going processes.

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