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A handy battery management tool that plays an alert when your battery is running low

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Laptops are getting more popular every day, so battery managing software solutions come in very handy to portable computers users.

That’s why Battery4Life could find a place on many Windows systems out there, providing very simple yet effective tools to let you know when you’re running out of battery.

There’s nothing too complicated about this program and this can only be good news for beginners who don’t want to waste too much time setting up its features.

It all comes down to a very simple interface with minimum options, all of them concerning the notifications that shall be displayed once the battery reaches a predefined level.

With an icon in the System Tray to help you see battery level at any given moment, Battery4Life lets you issue an audio notification once the battery reaches a user-defined level, with a second visual alert, called “Big Red Screen” to inform you when the laptop is about to be shut down.

There are no other configuration settings beside the common ones to run at startup, remain always on top and adjust opacity, so Battery4Life remains a very straightforward application that can be safely used by both beginners and those more experienced.

Of course, it doesn’t affect the overall system performance and runs without a glitch on all Windows versions.

Overall, Battery4Life does what it says and it is undoubtedly a handy software application for all laptop owners. It quietly sits in the Windows System Tray and issues visual and audio notifications every time the battery needs to be recharged.

Battery4Life was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 30th, 2012
Battery4Life - This is the main window of Battery4Life where you can view the current level of your batteryBattery4Life - The Settings tab will offer you the possibility to choose the sound that will be played when the battery reaches a low level

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