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Simple tool that monitors the local system for debug output, offering the possibility to capture the information from a remote machine, too

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DebugView has been created for a simple task, that of monitoring the debug data output either on the local machine or on other systems in the local area network.

Getting it to record the data from a different machine requires to have it present on said computer that can be accessed via TCP/IP.

No installation required

The application does not have to be installed as it can be run immediately after its extraction from the downloaded archive.

The interface is as plain and simple as possible, with no bells and whistles, just the data that is available as soon as the program starts.

Among the options present in the main application window there is the possibility to enable or disable kernel-mode debug output.

Although the tool does not feature plenty of options it provides the necessary means for clearing the main window as well as filtering the data in order to reach the most relevant entries.

Data filtering options

There is support for multiple filters that allow the user to define both data that should be included in the listing and the entries that should be excluded. A color palette offers choices for highlighting the desired rows.

Another possibility to control the amount of data DebugView presents is to impose a restriction to the number of files displayed on the screen; this can be done by selecting a higher or lower level of the history depth.

Simple debug output monitor

DebugView is simple and straightforward and it comes with all the documentation necessary to understand its purpose and how it functions. Moreover, it can display the debug information from both the local machine and a remote one.

DebugView was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 12th, 2014

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