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Monitor system temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and hard drive health, view detailed system information, and test your system hardware for common errors

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Intel Desktop Utilities has been created to help the regular keep track of the current state of their Intel motherboard.

The package is a collection of utilities for monitoring the capabilities of the hardware component by retrieving information from the sensors available on the device.

Compatibility check

Before trying to install the suite make sure that the system is equipped with hardware that is supported by the application. Among the newer motherboards that work with Intel Desktop Utilities are D2500CC, D2500HN, D2700DC and D2700MUD.

If all requirements are met, getting it on the system is far from being a difficult task. Launching the executable file and following the instructions on the screen is all the effort the user needs to invest in the process.

Monitor various parameters

The capabilities of the suite include the possibility to keep an eye on temperatures, voltages and fan speeds that maintain the system working.

Sensor interrogation is done with a specific frequency and in case a user-defined threshold has been broken the toolset features the necessary means to issue an alert so that preventive actions can be taken.

Detailed system information (software and hardware) is also retrieved for better knowledge of the system. Moreover, the suite includes tests for detecting common hardware errors.

The alerts generated by Intel Desktop Utilities can be visual (flashing tray icon or a pop-up) as well as audio.

Keep in mind that in the case of temperatures the suite does is not completely accurate because it provides an estimation of the heat generated; as such, using it for various thermal tests is not recommended.

System health monitor from Intel

Intel Desktop Utilities offers multiple tools that can help the user keep the health of the system in check. It works with Intel products and retrieves information about temperature, fan speed, voltages and the health of the hard drive.

Intel Desktop Utilities was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 29th, 2014

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