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A handy BIOS ROM files tester that allows you to explore the content of BIOS files in order to insert, extract replace components

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MMTool is a lightweight tool designed to provide access to the components and modules included in BIOS ROM files. The program is designed for the users who need to make changes to the ROM content.

The motherboard BIOS is an essential component that allows your computer components to be initialized when starting your PC. This system includes modules that facilitate the communication between the motherboard, keyboard, display adapter and other hardware components.

This program allows you to browse the components of the BIOS in order to increase the performance of your systems. Since most users have no intention of customizing the ROM before updating the motherboard firmware, it is designed for tweakers and advanced users.

In order to change the ROM structure, the app offers the possibility to insert new components, replace certain modules and delete files. The Extract tab enables you to export an uncompressed module that can be used in other configurations.

The package does not include any documentation which makes it difficult to know exactly what you are doing which means that the modifications can damage the BIOS and render your computer useless, if you do not have previous experience with ROM modding.

Since the BIOS update is a delicate operation and its success depends on the firmware file content, it is recommended to use the files provided by the hardware manufacturer.

However, if you choose to manually edit the modules, MMTool provides you with an easy to use interface and tools for replacing, inserting and deleting the desired components.

MMTool was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 2nd, 2013
MMTool - The main window of MMTool enables you to quickly load a ROM file to test and extract information from it

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