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A lightweight application that was especially created to provide those who have an AMD K 10 powered system with a means of tweaking the CPU

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Many users who are interested in obtaining the optimal performance/consumption ratio for their systems seek to find some useful and safe tweaking utilities that can help them in achieving their goals. One of the components that are most prone to fine-tuning is the processor and, for this reason, many specialized tools have been created.

Among these programs you could come across PhenomMsrTweaker, especially if your PC is equipped with a certain type of AMD central processing unit. To be more precise, this software solution is addressed only to those who have inside their computer an AMD K10 processor, like those from the Phenom or Phenom II family.

PhenomMsrTweaker aims to make the Cool & Quite feature of these CPUs work more in the favor of the user. With this utility you will be able to turn up the performance or save some energy by reducing the power consumption of the processor.

Through a simple and easy to use interface you gain access to all the features of the application and configure the performance states. If the P0 state is reserved for high performance, the others, 1 through 4, are power saving specific and for each of them you can adjust the same parameters.

For each central processing unit you can set with PhenomMsrTweaker the desired multiplicator core value, Vcore or CPU VID and Northbridge voltage or NB VID. On the lower part of the main window you have a drop-down menu with the available power schemes that can be applied, so you can choose among 'Balanced', 'Power Saver' and 'High Performance'.

Overall, PhenomMsrTweaker can prove to be a really useful tool and allow users to step up the performance of their CPU and, consequently, that of the whole system or simply reduce the power consumption by safely decreasing the processor voltage.

PhenomMsrTweaker was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
PhenomMsrTweaker - The main window of PhenomMsrTweaker enables you to start your tweaking.

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