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Retrieve Microsoft and others products' installation keys

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Product Key Finder is a lightweight application that allows you to extract the license keys of the programs installed on your computer from the registry. It is designed to help you recover a product key that you did not write down or you simply lost the installation disc it was written on.

The keys are very important when you need to reinstall a program and you should have a backup in case your hard disk malfunctions or you need to perform a clean installation after a virus infection. This application can help you scan your registry and extract the available keys.

The program can also be used by network administrators in order to view the licenses used on a certain computer. It can help you create a list with the keys used in your network and make sure that a license is not used on multiple computers. This can save a lot of headaches related with program licensing and copyright laws.

You can export the list of serial numbers as a text file in order to create the backup. It is recommended to save the output file to a secure location in order to prevent unauthorized users from using the licenses.

The program can also be used in command line mode to automatically create the text file. A network administrator can create a BAT file in order to run the application and to create the report with a single action. In our tests the product keys from remote computers could not be retrieved by using the BAT file.

The Product Key Finder attempts to install components that are not required, but you can decline the offer during the setup. It is a useful application that can help you recover product keys with minimum effort. However, it supports only a limited number of programs so you should always keep records of your purchased licenses.

Product Key Finder was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on May 10th, 2012
Product Key Finder - Product Key Finder will help you retrieve Microsoft and others products' installation keys

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