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Soluto is designed to help you make your PC run smoothly by monitoring its boot time and detecting which running processes are slowing it down.

The desktop software is easy to use and simple, enabling you to view the boot time in minutes and the number of applications that run in your boot. You can also view a diagram of the booting time, where the total time is split into several segments, each one representing an application and its corresponding booting time.

Soluto detects the apps and services that the system needs to start and can be used for removing some of the applications that overload the PC when booting and make it run slow. The desktop software sends anonymous system data to your Soluto account, enabling you to access them no matter where you are.

You can view the running background apps (which are split into three different categories: 'Removable', 'Potentially removable' and 'Required'), a history timeline of your computer crashes and failures, as well as detailed information about your Internet provider, the default web browser, the set homepage and search engine.

In addition, you can use your Soluto account to view the firewall status (and enable it if it is deactivated), whether the Windows update service is enabled or not and monitor the antivirus protection on your system.

Hardware detailed information is also displayed, such as CPU type and its specifications, the total memory, the motherboard type, the graphics card and the hard drives capacity.

Soluto can be used for installing important applications, detect hardware problems and perform upgrades. It is a simple tool that promises to take the proper actions for reducing the start time of your PC and enhance system performance.

Soluto was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Soluto - Soluto is a useful and performant application which can speed up your PC's boot timeSoluto - You can choose any tab you want and view information about each one such as the period when it was installedSoluto - screenshot #3Soluto - screenshot #4Soluto - You have the possibility to view the boot time, the removable and the required applicationsSoluto - screenshot #6Soluto - screenshot #7

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