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A power management utility for Acer systems that allows you to create numerous power profiles in order to prolong battery life and save energy

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Acer ePower Management is a handy and efficient software application designed exclusively for Acer computers and laptops, aiming to provide an easier management of power plans.

Acer ePower Management is a product created exclusively for Acer systems and as such, it will fail to launch on computers issued by another company. This is a user-oriented application, which brings together everything that is needed to deliver a more comfortable approach to power saving.

The key highlight of Acer ePower Management is the possibility to create numerous power profiles, for both desktop systems and laptops, allowing you to turn off various services in order to achieve maximum performance while saving battery or power.

In order to successfully deploy it on your computer, you need to install Acer Empowering Technology Framework first. This is a compulsory requirement without which the deployment process cannot complete.

Acer ePower Management presents its features inside a user-friendly interface that displays the options in a pleasant, non-intrusive manner.

A multitude of built-in power plans are made available, but creating a new one is also possible. Each profile sports a set of settings related to CPU Speed, brightness, system standby and hibernation that can be set to lower values in order to save power.

Also, shutting down the wireless or the Bluetooth service will result in an increased battery life for laptops and in energy saving for plugged in computers.

Switching between the available profiles can be done in a one-click operation, with the plans becoming active right away.

On an ending note, Acer ePower Management can contribute to a prolonged battery life by optimizing power usage in accordance with the services on your device.

Acer ePower Management was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on October 30th, 2013

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