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Extracts the content of the Bootlog.txt file and displays all the failed or delayed driver loads processes, enabling you to find out what causes the lengthy Windows boot

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Boot Log Analyzer is a small application that can read the content of the BOOTLOG.TXT file, displaying all the load failures and delays. While it is mainly designed for computers that run on Windows 95 or 98, it also runs on more recent versions of the operating system.

The BOOTLOG.TXT file logs the Windows startup process and it is created upon user request (you must activate boot logging as a startup option) or if the PC detects that the last boot failed. Boot Log Analyzer can extract its contents, enabling you to view all the potential problems within an organized table.

Its interface is focused on simplicity, enabling you to open the BOOTLOG.TXT file with just a few clicks and displaying each event, along with the corresponding starting time and the process duration. The bootlog file is usually stored on the 'C' drive and it is hidden, so you might want to instruct Windows to reveal hidden files in order to find it.

Boot Log Analyzer can determine the time required for each driver to load, which can help you find out why your computer takes too long to boot and identify the possible causes. The application includes search options that enable you to quickly find what you are looking for.

The shown data can be filtered by loading duration, but you can also set the application to display the failed loads only. The resulting information can be saved to a text file.

Boot Log Analyzer helps you determine the cause of a tedious computer boot by analyzing the data stored in the bootlog file. With its help, you can view which drivers load properly and which cause trouble.

Boot Log Analyzer was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
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