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A useful piece pf software that provides a simple method of operating your Cannon printer, with an option to diagnose and troubleshoot it

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Canon My Printer is a program that targets Canon printers exclusively, with the purpose of offering the end user a more comfortable way to manage the device settings and to troubleshoot it.

Typically, Windows also provides the means to view such information, as well as to repair problems related to any printer, for that matter. Canon My Printer, on the other hand, is gathers all the tools you need to manipulate the printer in one interface, with an option to diagnose and repair the device.

As mentioned, the program can handle Canon printers only, therefore using it with a device issued by a company other than Canon is not possible.

The installation process is fairly simple and does not require a restart. Also, the detection of Canon printers is done automatically, however, if multiple devices are connected to the computer, you will have to select the one of interest using the dedicated button inside the main window.

The main GUI contains several sections, the first of which is the Diagnose and Repair, based on an easy-to-use wizard that is able to detect several issues, such as if the printer driver is installed correctly. Note that devices connected via a network do not make the object of this particular feature.

The other sections will provide access to printer and paper source related settings and will identify the printer status on the spot, when instructed to do so.

In conclusion, Canon My Printer can be of great help if you’re experiencing issues with your printer installation. Through it, the most common problems of a Canon device can be unveiled with reduced efforts on the user side.

Canon My Printer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
Canon My Printer - This is the main window of Canon My Printer that allows you to access all the features of the application.

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