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Helps you to easily eject/insert the cd-rom doors just by using the keyboard.

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Eject CD does exactly what its name suggests: it ejects CDs and inserts them back just by pressing a single button.

And although you may expect a basic software solution that only does its job and nothing more, Eject CD is a lot more than that, mostly thanks to the numerous configuration options it provides.

With a minimal and well organized interface, Eject CD lets you eject or insert a disc back in the drive straight from the main window, while it also provides access to an impressively rich settings screen.

For example, you can set up the sounds to be played each time you open the CD-Rom or insert a new disc, configure balloon tips, pick the action to be performed when clicking on the tray icon and enable the so-called “AutoInsert CD Door”, with a dedicated field to let you input the desired time in seconds.

Another good thing about Eject CD is the hotkey support, so the app enables you to configure hotkeys for every single drive in your computer to either eject a disk or insert it back.

Eject CD places an icon in System Tray, thus giving you the power to control the CD drives with ease. And although it's supposed to run all the time, Eject CD is very friendly with hardware resources, without any negative impact on computer performance.

All in all, Eject CD is an easy to use software solution that does exactly what it says and provides an impressive list of configuration options. Everything's pretty easy to use, so the app is safely addressed to all kinds of users.

Eject CD was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 21st, 2012
Eject CD - In the main program window, Eject CD displays drive info and provides access to hotkey settings and custom options.Eject CD - The program can be set to autostart and to autoinsert the cd door if it`s detected as being opened.Eject CD - Users can set what hotkeys they want to use for cd insert or eject.

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