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A simple utility designed to help any user of a Color Computer Emulator program to manipulate virtual disks in various formats from within a single window




EmuDisk is a lightweight and intuitive application that comes in handy to anyone who uses a Color Computer Emulator program, enabling them to easily manage virtual disks on the PC.

EmuDisk enables you to have multiple virtual disks opened at the same time and allows drag and drop between different windows. The following formats are supported: VHD, JVC, VDK, DMK, OS9.
Last updated on October 5th, 2013
EmuDisk - The main window of EmuDisk enables you to load the created virtual disk and view its contents.EmuDisk - EmuDisk enables you to easily create a new virtual disk in DMK, JVC, OS9, VDK and VHD format.EmuDisk - EmuDisk enables you to have multiple virtual disk images opened at the same time.

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