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With this simple and intuitive application, you can quickly create an image of your floppies, even allowing you to save them in compressed format

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Floopy is an extremely lightweight and quite basic piece of software which is meant to assist users in creating images of their floppies, requiring a minimal level of effort or knowledge.

Download and run the tool

Subsequent to the download process, users can just unzip the archive and run the executable as the application does not require installation in order to function.

At the same time, this means that no registry entries are generated on the system, so users do not have to worry about any leftover traces on their computer if they remove Floopy just by deleting it.

Create a floppy image or write it onto the device

To obtain the image, users can select the targeted floppy and press the ‘Start’ button, while to write it onto a device can be performed in a similar fashion, but by using the ‘Write’ section of the main window.

Floopy can be used for backup purposes, as it supports generating images not only in regular IMG format, but also compressed files, namely CIM. The utility enables users to easily create bootable floppies or images that can prove handy in virtual environments.

However, mostly because of the very limited size of 1.44 MB of a regular floppy, this type of technology has been surpassed in the majority of situations by CDs, DVDs, USB drives and countless other types of removable storage devices, with a significantly larger capacity, since they proved useless in the case of larger operating systems.

Simple IMG and CIM creator

To conclude, Floopy is an efficient, albeit obsolete program whose main function is to help users quickly generate images from their floppies, even providing support for creating compressed files.

Floopy was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 19th, 2014
Floopy - Floopy is an efficient application that enables you to create a simple or compressed image of your floppies

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