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A mouse click and keystrokes simulator that you can use in gaming that require repetitive clicks or to simulate activity on your computer

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MouseBot serves as a mouse and keyboard simulator ready to help you out with games that require repetitive clicks or keystrokes. By automating mouse clicks, it can help you defeat all your enemies and pass a game level much easier.

However, its practical use is not limited to the gaming area, since it can come in handy in other situations as well. For instance, you can use it to simulate computer activity so as to prevent a web server timeout.

Simulate mouse clicks and create broader task sequences

MouseBot can simulate left, right or middle mouse clicks in a specific point on the screen. The 'capture' function enables you to extract a point's coordinates in seconds.

Thanks to the intuitive layout of the interface, working with this application is a simple task and requires no previous knowledge. Its accessibility makes it easy for you to create a list of tasks to execute, deleting operations you don't need and saving the sequence to a file that can be loaded at a later time.

Repetitive simulation of mouse moves, keystrokes and text input

Additionally, you can use it to simulate mouse moves from the current point to a specific location on the desktop, keystrokes using any button on the keyboard, as well as combinations with the modifier keys (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT). Another command enables it to automatically start typing text whenever the mouse cursor is at that point.

MouseBot allows delay configuration and operation repeating, enabling you to define the time interval the entire sequence will be performed again. For your convenience, it features customizable hotkeys for starting and stopping the simulation.

Useful for gamers and not only

MouseBot can enhance your gaming experience by taking care of tiring and frustrating situations when you have to press the mouse or the keyboard buttons over and over again. It is easy to configure and has various practical uses that are not limited to gaming only.

MouseBot was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
MouseBot - MouseBot enables you to create a sequence of keystroke or mouse click tasks and run it on repeat.MouseBot - You can easily add a new command to the list by configuring mouse clicks, key strokes or text input.MouseBot - MouseBot enables you to simulate keystrokes containing modifier and regular keys on your keyboard.MouseBot

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