Virtual Serial Ports Emulator

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You can use this software when you need to create several virtual devices to send and receive data

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Modern systems come with one or no serial ports, as they use high-speed USB ports to connect to other hardware devices. However, there are some devices that still require serial ports for transferring data. That is where Virtual Serial Ports Emulator comes in.

Designed mostly for helping developers create and test applications that use serial ports, it can generate several virtual devices, some creating virtual ports and some having no relation with the kernel driver.

The following devices can be created: connector (can be opened twice), splitter, mapper (redirects all the requests to another port), pair device (two connected virtual ports), TCP server and client, serial re-director, UDP manager (receives serial port data via UDP connection), bridge (connects two data streams) and spy device (sends the intercepted data to another data stream).

Each one of these simulators has its own characteristics and advantages, but the common one is that they can be used simultaneously by more than one application.

Within the main window of the software, you can view a list of all the devices and their status, as well as a log of all your actions. The right-click menu enables you to edit, delete or reinitialize the selected serial port simulator. You can set the software to automatically remove the kernel device at exit.

Detailed logging, device debugging, TCP keep-alive capability and device re-initialization are other features the application brings to the table.

In addition, it provides some advanced tools for professional users. For instance, you can control and monitor devices state on a remote computer by setting up a HTTP server, while the data monitoring tool allows you to know what data is sent and received.

Virtual Serial Ports Emulator is designed to solve compatibility issues with older applications and help you create and use several serial ports at the same time, without having to install hardware components.

Virtual Serial Ports Emulator was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on December 27th, 2012
Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - You can view all the serial port devices and create new ones from the main window.Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - The right click context menu can be used to add, delete or reinitialize a device.Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - You can access the Extra information and Preferences windows from the View menu.Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #4Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #5Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #6Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #7Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #8Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #9Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #10Virtual Serial Ports Emulator - screenshot #11

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