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A useful tool that enables you to configure the connection parameters between your computer and an LG NAS system in just a few steps

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The name of LG NAS Install Wizard reveals its purpose even before the application is installed on a computer. Its goal is to assist you throughout the setup process of an LG Network Attached Storage (NAS) system, helping you get the hardware device up and running in no time.

NAS systems are scalable storage solutions for small networks that allow access to data to all the connected workstations. It can prove useful in easily sharing files with other network computers.

Set up LG NAS systems

The LG NAS Install Wizard is exclusively dedicated to certain models of NAS devices manufactured by the popular LG company, giving users a helping hand in getting their new device ready. Created by LG itself, it is the most secure way to configure your new NAS system.

The wizard is very easy to use, making the setup procedure just a matter of pressing a few 'Next' buttons. It starts by verifying the connection status between your computer and the LG NAS device, enabling you to choose the network configuration type (with one or two routers). If you are using more than 3 routers, the configuration is more complicated, so it is advisable that you contact customer support.

Fast configuration

The application searched for the NAS device within the network, displaying a complete list of all the found items, along with their corresponding IP address, domain name, MAC address, subnet mask, gateway, primary and secondary DNS. Your computer and the NAS must be connected to the same router and you must configure the Windows Firewall to allow the connection.

The next steps enable you to configure the DDNS and the router properties and port forwarding settings, in order to allow remote access to the NAS web menu.

Secure way to install LG NAS devices

LG NAS Install Wizard is a simple utility dedicated to easily and quickly configuring a new LG NAS system, creating a powerful data storage system. And since it is created by the manufacturer itself, it can be considered the most reliable tool to accomplish this task.

LG NAS Install Wizard was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
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