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Macro Keys is a time saving and productivity software that helps you to save your time by creating macros (shortcuts) for specific repetitive texts. It creates shortcut keys that trigger when typed to replace larger repetitive user defined texts.

Macro Keys also takes good care of your clipboard i.e. copied items by maintaining a list of multiple copied items that can also be triggered using hardcoded clipboard shortcuts. Furthermore, the program offers a way to run any file, folder, application, email or internet address by setting a hotkey for it.

Apart from being a three in one product, Macro Keys takes special care of your shortcuts, clipboard items and macros by saving them in encrypted format and by letting you set a password to run the program. Macro Keys works on all flavors of Windows.

Macro is basically a single, user-defined command that is part of an application and executes replacement texts triggering via a shorthand representation. This will speed up your work and complete lengthy task in short time.

Macro Keys is of great help for the people who used to do tedious tasks like medical transcription, customer support, data entry, managing sales records, administrative and clerical assistance, lab technician, software developer, librarians, documentation specialists, report making, academic assignments. The choices are endless. It will greatly increase your productivity and save your precious time.

Macro Keys is the only time saver software program available in the market that not only saves time by creating macros and automating repetitive tasks but also enhance your productivity at work. You can work faster and smarter by using Macro Keys and type without any typos.

Macro Keys works with all the programs that allow text input such as a word processor, text editor, email program, instant messenger, online forms, etc. It replaces a text sequence with a letter, word, sentence, paragraph or several paragraphs. You do not have to type the text manually that kills your time and is very painstaking. Simply select a word or text and correlate it with the replacement text.

Macro Keys also automatically record macros for replacing text of any length and auto-complete forms without the hassle of typing it, it saves up to 100 clipboard entries, triggers any program, software, application, folder, drive, website with hotkey and enables you to replace a long text or numbers of paragraph by just one word or letter.

All created macros and shortcuts are password protected and saved in an encrypted form to ensure they could not be misused by any mean. All these encrypted macros are saved in a .mck file. Whenever you double click this file, it will automatically import in Macro Keys.

Macro Keys not only create Macro shortcuts but can also store up to 100 clipboard entries. You can also set Hotkeys for the program you need to run often by using Hotkey Launcher that enables you to enter a combination of keystrokes to be used as a hotkey.
Last updated on September 7th, 2009
Macro Keys - From the Macros Shortcuts tab of Macro Keys you can view the list of user defined macros.Macro Keys - In this window of Macro Keys users are able to define a macro by providing the shortcut text and the text to be filled in.Macro Keys - The Multiple Clipboards tab of Macro Keys allows users quick access to the clipboard.Macro Keys - You can define hotkeys to assign to applications, folders, websites or emailing.Macro Keys - screenshot #5Macro Keys - screenshot #6Macro Keys - screenshot #7

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