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A little program that measures and displays the sample rate of a mouse.

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Mouse Rate Checker is a lightweight program that can tell you how often the position of your mouse is sent to the other applications. This parameter is quite important when you are using tools or games with high frame rates.

While most computer users are not paying attention to the mouse response rate, any hardcore gamer can tell you that some fights can be lost just because of that. This tool can help you check the mouse sample rate and see if it needs improvement.

If you are already using a modified driver or other application to boost the response rate, you need this tool to check its efficiency. You can test the actual improvements by installing this app and by moving the mouse cursor in the test area. The frequency displayed in the main window should give you an idea about the mouse performance.

The program estimates the frequency by measuring the time between the "WM_MOUSEMOVE" messages and calculating an average. It does not require any configuration and allows you to view the calculated values in real time during the test.

The hardware requirements are minimal and it has no effect on the computer overall performance. The user only need about five seconds to find the sample rate average and can perform multiple tests in order to find the best solution for increasing the default response time.

Mouse Rate Checker could use a means to store the test results if you want to compare multiple mouse speed enhancements. However, it is compact and easy to use which recommends it as a good mouse testing tool.

Mouse Rate Checker was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 7th, 2013
Mouse Rate Checker - In the main window of Mouse Rate Checker you will be able to view the current rate.

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