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NCS WinVisible is a compact application designed to help you hide certain windows in order to prevent other users from accessing them. The program allows you to protect your privacy by hiding the windows that display personal information with minimum effort.

The application runs in the background and allows you to hide certain windows by pressing a keyboard shortcut. It comes in handy when your boss walks in while you are updating your Facebook status.

In order to use the keyboard shortcuts, you need to run the NCS WinVisible program and select the window from the list of opened applications. Since all the instances opened by the same program are treated as a single item, you can only choose to hide all of them at the same time.

You can run the application at the computer startup in order to quickly access its features. An useful option is to remember the selected processes which enables you to create a set of windows that should be hidden without checking them from the list at every startup.

When NCS WinVisible is closed manually, the hidden apps become visible and enable you to save your documents before terminating the process. If saving your data is not a priority, the processes can be killed to remove any trace from your system.

Additionally, the hidden processes can be closed permanently by setting a shortcut in the Options window. Although it is not recommended due to potential data loss, this shortcut makes sure that no other user can access your personal data.

If you need to hide certain taskbar items and desktop windows, NCS WinVisible is an easy to use and reliable solution which can get the job done in less than a second. The keyboard shortcuts and simple interface recommends it for everyday use.

NCS WinVisible was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
NCS WinVisible - NCS WinVisible allows you to use the main window to view all the visible processes.NCS WinVisible - You can use the General tab to easily activate the 'Automatically check new processes' option.NCS WinVisible - The Options window of the software allows you to quickly set the hotkeys you want to use.

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