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With this lightweight and intuitive application, you can determine which version of Microsoft .Net Framework you have installed on your system

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.NET Check is a useful and reliable piece of software whose main function is to help you determine which version of Microsoft .NET Framework you have on your computer, so you can establish if it meets the requirements of any new app that you want to install.

Portability benefits

Being a standalone program, it does not need to go through an installation process, meaning you can work with it immediately after download, just by decompressing the archive and running the executable.

As a result, you can easily store .NET Check on a removable memory device, such as a USB stick or other similar drives, using it on all compatible PCs, then deleting it when done, without leaving a trace.

Swiftly learn if your system meets all the .NET Framework requirements of new software

Right after launching the utility, it will quickly analyze your system and determine which versions of .NET Framework are to be found on your computer, enumerating the status of each one individually, as ‘Installed’ or ‘Not Installed’.

Moreover, in the case of the versions that are not installed on your PC, .NET Check offers you a direct download link to the Microsoft website, enabling you to update your system as soon as possible.

From the ‘Learn’ menu, you can even choose between an offline and a web installer link, allowing you to opt for whichever best suits your needs (the former being particularly suitable if the workstation you want to place .NET Framework on does not have an Internet connection available).

A reliable tool to find out which version .NET Framework you have

To conclude, .NET Check is a handy and effective application that you can use whenever you need to discover the .NET Framework versions on your system, being able to provide you with results in the blink of an eye.

.NET Check was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 13th, 2015
.NET Check - The main window of .NET Check enables you to find out which version of Microsoft .Net Framework you have installed.NET Check - From the Learn menu, you can download the web or offline installers for various version of .Net Framework

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