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A GUI that allows for easy editing of the path environment variable including addition, editing and even deletion of invalid entries

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Path Editor addresses a small group of users that are on the lookout for an application software to help them quickly and easily view and edit PATH environment variables. With Path Editor, you can also create new ones and delete the existing entries.

For starters, environment variables are there to designate a set of folders that encase the targeted executable applications. Moreover, almost every process has a PATH setting of its own. For example, the first folder in the path of these variables in Windows is the ‘C:\Windows\system32’. Some software even asks for your permission to create such entries to the system, in order to properly work.

Although the mechanism of PATH environment variables is rather rudimentary, it is still used as nothing else until now has been designed to replace it. What happens when a command is run for a program execution, a search starts within the very same folder the command originated within and then it jumps to a further search operation amongst the aforementioned variables.

This way, your operating system can rapidly and effortlessly know exactly what the specific application needs and deliver all the necessary tools so it can run within its natural environment. There is also a downside to all of this and it usually occurs whenever these variables are wrongfully utilized. Furthermore, Path Editor can also detect these faulty entries and clean them up.

To sum it all up, Path Editor supplies the end-user with a friendly enough graphical user interface and the right list of available features and functions to help you achieve more, faster. While it can satisfy the needs of a limited crowd of users due to its lack of depth, this piece of software gets the basic jobs done and this is what it was created to accomplish in the first place.

Path Editor was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 30th, 2013
Path Editor - The main window of Path Editor allows you to easily edit your directory pathsPath Editor - From the Options menu you have the possibility to set the list font and enable the advanced mode

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