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Command line tool to view basic service information as well as stop/start/pause/continue service

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There are plenty of nifty little tools on the market that can provide details about the services currently running on the server from a remote machine.

Simple purpose, console-based interface

SvcUtil has been built with this purpose in mind and apart from making available basic service information it also includes some management options.

The application does not require installation and it is console-based; this means no interface and working with it is done through command line.

Short list of options

As soon as started, the tool shows all the options it supports, which include starting, pausing and stopping the services. The syntax involves punching in the name of the affected machine, the service you want to target and the command it should carry out.

The entire list of options also includes resuming the state of the service as well as view more information about the item.

According to the developer, the VIEWX mode enumerates all services and displays the accounts each of them runs under. As such, SvcUtil makes for a good companion if all you want is to check that every service runs under localsystem.


Before trying the application take into consideration that the developer lists only Windows XP, Server 2003/2000 and NT among the supported platforms. Also, there are no security requirements for working with the tool.

SvcUtil is not impressive but it manages to achieve its goal, provided that all the requirements mentioned by the developer are respected.

SvcUtil was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 25th, 2014
SvcUtil - The main window of SvcUtil software where you will be able to view the command line syntax that you can use to view basic service information as well as stop/start/pause/continue service.

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