Toolwiz Time Machine

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This application enables you to protect the integrity of your computer by performing system rollback and system restore operations as well as taking system snapshots

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Toolwiz Time Machine is a user-friendly and efficient software solution whose main purpose is to assist you in creating system snapshots, in order to be able to restore your computer to a previous state, in case of virus attacks or other potential problems that can be encountered when working intensely on your PC on a daily basis.

While the installation process is pretty basic and uneventful, you have the option of setting the maximum size of the file comprising the snapshots that Toolwiz Time Machine will take, the default value being 2048 MB. Additionally, you will be required to 'Restart' you computer before being able to use the program properly.

The application is sufficiently simple to understand and work with, as it features very few customizable options, meaning that there is really almost nothing you need to learn out of the ordinary.

Once you start the tool, it enables you to take a snapshot of your system and give it a name as well as a description. It is recommended that you do this after having installed all the major software and other essential components, so you will not have to waste time installing them again in case you restore your system from the snapshot.

Moreover, Toolwiz Time Machine allows you to take a new snapshot every hour, listing them all in its main window along with a time stamp, enabling you to choose the one you wish to restore from all the available ones. Afterward, you just need to press on the 'Revert My System To The Selected' button and the utility will rollback to the state of the preferred snapshot.

To summarize, Toolwiz Time Machine is a simple and useful tool that provides you with the ability to create multiple restoration points, letting you pick the one you prefer and quickly perform a system rollback whenever you run into problems with your PC.

Toolwiz Time Machine was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
Toolwiz Time Machine - Toolwiz Time Machine is a simple tool that enables you to create multiple system restore pointsToolwiz Time Machine - The program allows you to create one or more system snapshots to which you can rollback your system

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