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Schedule system events, monitor processes, set up a key logger, and restrict user access to important directories and software applications

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TurnApp is a comprehensive application suite which sports multiple tools focusing on system management, such as an event scheduler and process monitor. It primarily caters to power users who are looking for full control over their workstations.

The installation procedure is pretty lengthy, as TurnApp offers multiple options to choose from, and checks the system for installed dependencies. Once it finishes, you can access the working space by inputting the default password ("password") in the dedicated dialog.

This program boasts a very modern interface which takes us to the appearance of Windows 8, as the primary options are divided into multiple areas, accessible through app-like buttons of various colors.

You can schedule a power management function for the PC through System Event Scheduler (shutdown, restart, suspend, or hibernate), or trigger the automatic launch of a file, at a specific time and day of the current week. It is possible to schedule as many events as you want.

Furthermore, TurnApp lets you create a list of directories and software applications to protect from unauthorized viewing and use, as well as filter the threshold and check out the log activity.

Other options of the program give you the possibility of creating and editing a to-do list for various events and tasks (set due date and time, associate sound files), configure a key logger (e.g. take snapshots of the desktop, view logged text) and send it to your email account automatically, as well as activate a Clipboard assistance tool and create backups.

You may also display a large panel on the desktop with the date, day and time, as well as configure TurnApp preferences when it comes to the view, alerts behavior and effects, automatic updates, master password, and disabling Task Manager.

This program requires a moderate-to-high amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and works smoothly. It didn't cause us any issues in our tests, such as hanging, crashing or showing error dialogs. All in all, TurnApp bundles numerous useful functions, complemented by an eye-catching interface to surely satisfy the entire audience.

TurnApp was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
TurnApp - The main window of TurnApp enables you to select features such as Event Scheduler or Backup ManagerTurnApp - With the help of TurnApp you are able to easily schedule an event by selecting the system event, the day and the time you want to schedule itTurnApp - By using TurnApp you have the possibility to restrict the access to specific files and directoriesTurnApp - screenshot #4TurnApp - screenshot #5TurnApp - screenshot #6TurnApp - screenshot #7TurnApp - screenshot #8

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