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A smart OS-level typing assistant software that helps you type any accented and Unicode character




Unicode Keyboard is a smart OS-level typing assistant software that helps you type any accented and Unicode character on US keyboard without having to learn and remember awkward key combinations.

It is designed to help you type bi- and multi-lingual text as easily, as fast and as accurate as you type in your mother language. Seamlessly and non-intrusively integrated into the operating system, As-U-Type Accent provides a unique, robust, easy, reliable and smart way to enter accented and Unicode characters in all Windows applications.

Unicode Keyboard is the unique Unicode keyboard utility that helps you type any Latin-based Unicode characters on US keyboard in all applications by using only thirteen diacritic keys.

In Windows, you are able to include all different characters from the world in your document - thanks to the native Unicode support in those operating systems. But if you want to type a foreign character other than English, for example, the C-cedilla, you may need to install a keyboard driver for the language containing that character.

The keyboard driver will re-assign your keyboard layout in order to let you type the language specific characters that are not available directly on the US keyboard. However, it may also interfere with your keyboarding habit: you may now get a quite strange character instead of a certain expected character after a familiar keystroke.

For example, you may get "Y" character when you type "Z" key and vice versa on the French layout of your US keyboard. Therefore you must constantly switch back and forth between the layout of your foreign language and English layout.

Different keyboard drivers have different layouts, so you have to remember quite a lot of different key assignments if you are working with more than two languages at a time. As a result, your typing speed is decreased significantly, and you have to work harder.

Unicode Keyboard is written to help you overcome this kind of inconvenience: it allows you to type all Unicode characters with only thirteen unique diacritic keys. Once you are familiar with these keys (after about 10-minute training), you can type any foreign language in the same way, same speed and as comfortable as you do in English!
Last updated on October 25th, 2006

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