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A lightweight and easy to understand application which you can use to quickly assign hotkeys for various actions, like jumping to your home page in the browser

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VMeisoft Keymap is a simple to handle software solution whose main purpose is to help you create new hotkeys that can help you save time and effort while working, by increasing your computing speed.

Intuitive interface

After a brief and uneventful installation process, you can launch the application and start working with it however you may need.

It features a very simple and straight-forward interface, that makes it quite approachable even for less experienced individuals, as the steps you need to take are fairly self-explanatory.

In order to begin assigning shortcuts for your computer, you can click on the 'Add' button and press the keys you want to use, then select the preferred action from the drop down menu.

Create and assign keyboard shortcuts

VMeisoft Keymap allows you to create hotkeys that can help you 'Play / Pause' or 'Stop' a media file from being rendered, jump to the 'Next Track' or 'Previous Track' and 'Mute / Unmute' the file or turn the 'Volume Up' or 'Down'.

Moreover, the utility enables you to assign keyboard shortcuts for sending an email, jumping to the 'Home' page in your web browser or open 'My Computer'. The created hotkeys can later be edited or assigned different functions.

When minimized, VMeisoft Keymap will run in the system tray, so as to be able to perform the required operations when pressing the hotkeys, while closing it will prevent it from doing its job. Optionally, it can be set to run at Windows startup, meaning that you do not have to remember to launch it every time you need to work with it.

Improve work speed

To sum it up, VMeisoft Keymap is a user-friendly program that provides you with the ability to increase your work performance by enabling you to create customized hotkeys and use them in your every day tasks.

VMeisoft Keymap was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
VMeisoft Keymap - The main window of VMeisoft Keymap displays the currently assigned hotkeysVMeisoft Keymap - From the dedicated menu, you can select which action to perform when pressing certain keysVMeisoft Keymap - The Options window enables you to set the application to run at windows startup

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