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A user-friendly and reliable software utility that comes in handy to all those who want to customize the Favorites folders from their PC

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Not many people rely on the Favorites folders in Windows simply because they typically do not link to the directories they access the most often. Even if this list can be customized, many prefer to rely on third-party launchers to quickly navigate to files and folders.

WinFavs brings a fresh approach to this situation, by creating presets for the Favorites folders so you can switch between them according to your needs.

Create multiple profiles for your Favorites folders

The graphic interface is highly intuitive and you can easily make out its functions - first and foremost, you need to create a new preset where you can later add the directories you select.

You get to assign a relevant name to each profile, so you can easily identify the one you need, when working on school assignments, playing games or watching videos.

Get custom Favorites folders within seconds

Once you setup your profile list within WinFavs, you can manually add the folders you want to have within reach - you can either browse to their location or you can drag and drop them onto the dedicated window.

Next, you can modify their names and you are done, as you can explore the contents of your profiles then switch to the one you want to use.

Effortlessly personalize Favorites folders

All in all, WinFavs can come in handy to all those who do not want to waste time looking for a suitable launcher for accessing their most preferred folders. Due to this app, they can just use a native Windows function, the Favorites folders, and adapt it to their needs.

Additionally, one can backup the current configuration on their PC, which can come in handy later on, in case something goes wrong and they want to restore their links.

WinFavs was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 6th, 2014
WinFavs - You can use WinFavs to create shortcuts to your favorite folders on the computer, so as to keep the desktop uncluttered.WinFavs - The 'Preset' menu of WinFavs enables you to create a new preset and edit existing ones.WinFavs - WinFavs features an integrated scheduler that you can use to trigger a task at a predefined time in the future.WinFavs - screenshot #4WinFavs - screenshot #5WinFavs - screenshot #6WinFavs - screenshot #7

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